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Heart- Steel Blue Dog Tag

Heart- Steel Blue Dog Tag

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All tags are handmade and one-of-a-kind. This means that no two tags will be identical.

When you order a tag, we personalize it with your pets name using vinyl letters and top-coat it with resin. You never have to worry about your pet's name rubbing off or fading. 

Because the personalization process is done by hand our turn-around time is 3-5 days to ship. Please double check the spelling of your pets name as there will be no re-makes for an error on your end. 

Finally, make sure to always clip your leash to your dog's collar, NOT the tag's hardware. Attaching the leash to the tag is potentially dangerous and if your dog were to pull very hard, the key ring may break open. Collars have a spot for your leash, so please use that instead! 

This tag is approximately 1.1" long. Our tags are feather light coming in at less than .1 oz.

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